LinkedIn Headshot Photo Booth: 5 Easy Steps to Providing Hundreds of Headshots

You've been to business conferences and trade shows and you've collected pens, lanyards, reusable bags, little gadgets, and flashlights that fill up your junk drawer. The same old gimmicks are being used over and over. It would be so nice to get something that is truly valuable and helpful to your career.

As a professional, having a good headshot for LinkedIn or your corporate profile is growing in importance. Your online profile is often the first place a potential employer or customer looks to see what you have to offer.

According to LinkedIn, your profile is 14x more likely to be viewed simply by having a profile picture! At your next conference, instead of giving out more things that will end up in the junk drawer, why not offer a valuable headshot to conference attendees? People will be lining up to receive this valuable gift!

At One Tree Studio, we are a team of professional photographers who specialize in providing studio-quality headshots to hundreds of people AND we deliver them instantly! We call this service our Pro Headshot Booth.

We have carefully choreographed our conference headshot service so that your guests move through the process easily and receive multiple, studio-quality headshots instantly to their phone or email. The feedback we have received from participants has been outstanding! 


Here is what you can expect from One Tree Studio's Pro Headshot Booth experience:

Step One: Touch Ups

Our professional makeup and hair stylist will treat conference attendees to a quick touch up! This makes a huge difference in the final images and people love the pampering! Hair spray for stray hairs, lint rollers, de-shine powder for a matte skin finish, and blush and contour highlights for those who would like a little more colour. We're there to help everyone look their best!

If you'd like to offer people something extra special, our team can also provide more than touch ups - they can provide full hair and make-up services on location!

Toronto Conference Headshot Photographer | One Tree Studio Inc.
Toronto Conference Headshot Photographer | One Tree Studio Inc.

Step Two: Headshots

Our professional photographer spends 1-2 minutes with each person, posing them for a flattering image. We provide at least 3 images per person on multiple backdrops so that guests can choose the look that best suits them. In the video below, you can see that we've provided a black, dark grey, and a high-key white look to each participant. Custom colours are available. We've carefully chosen the most flattering lighting that looks fantastic! We shoot with Canon pro DSLR cameras and L-Series lenses for incredibly crisp, high-quality images.

Step Three: Edit and Export

Our image technician quickly edits the images, adjusting exposure and applying our custom One Tree look to each image. When everything looks just right, they send the images to the iPad kiosks and to the live slideshow of images. Our slideshow scrolls through the images we've taken at your event along with any sponsor advertising you'd like us to include, so that participants know exactly who they can thank for the headshot experience.

Step Four: Email Images

At our Image Sharing Stations, participants use our iPad kiosks to easily email or text all of their images and receive them immediately! Within minutes, people have their new headshots and can update their LinkedIn profile pictures! 

Step Five: Happy People!

Check out the reviews left for us on Google from people that have experienced our Pro Headshot Booth services by CLICKING HERE.

Offer this valuable service at your next conference!


See us in action!

Come behind the scenes to see how One Tree Studio delivers hundreds of headshots to the Rogers Enterprise Business Unit at their Annual Sales Rally.