Stay out of the trash! 5 Steps to Effective Advertising

Do you have a blue box next to your mailbox? We do. Ours is a community mailbox where everyone picks up their mail, and it has a big blue recycling box right next to it. It's a nice convenience. We can toss our "junk mail" right in. We don't even have to take it home to clutter up our own recycling box!

Do you know what's in that box next to our mailbox?

Advertising. Basically, it's ALL advertising. 

Companies have spent lots and lots of money to print out information on a card or a flyer. They probably paid someone to design it. They paid someone to print it. They paid someone to deliver it. Now it's sitting right there in the blue box. I didn't even look at it. If it doesn't have my name on it, into the bin it goes.  

One Tree Studio Booth has an incredible solution for companies who want the following:

  1. An innovative way to expand their reach and generate new leads.
  2. To move beyond printed advertising and create a positive impact on social media.
  3. To educate people about what they offer and create excitement around their brand.

When you choose to work with One Tree Studio Booth to meet your marketing goals, we provide an incredible solution that will keep your advertising out of the blue box. Here's how we do it:

1. We make your advertising valuable to the individual.

Personal photos are incredibly valuable to people. They become one of our most cherished possessions. Give me advertising with my family's smiling faces on it, and it's going up on the fridge! I'm never throwing that out! One Tree Studio Booth takes beautiful pictures of the people that enter our photo booths, and puts your brand on them.

I actually have one such piece of advertising on my fridge right now. Our kids were 2 and 4 years old and it was my husband's birthday. I look at it every day whenever I open the fridge. I think about the place we got it and how nice it would be to go there again. My kids see it and ask - "Can we go there again...Can we go there again...Can we go there again..."

2. We associate a fun experience with your brand.

In a world that is bombarded with advertising, people are getting better at ignoring it. But, we remember great experiences! One Tree Studio Booth offers people a fun way to engage with your brand and at the same time, they make a great memory with their friends or family. They can be silly or pose beautifully and remember that it was you that gave them the gift of that experience. 

3. We have positive interactions and conversations that make a big impact.

Traditional means of advertising just don't cut it anymore. A real live person and a conversation makes a huge impact. Our photographers and booth attendants have exceptional people skills. We are friendly and courteous and know how to represent a great brand. When people have a chance to interact with us and enjoy our photo booths, we make a lasting impression that makes a huge impact on how your brand is perceived. Faces, names and conversations matter and will add the personal touch your brand is looking for.

Some brands even choose to join us in the booth to interact with their guests, and personally engage and educate them about what they have to offer. Come and join us for the fun! The relationships you start in the booth will pay off! 

4. We offer a reason and a way for people to share your advertising on social media.

We give people a beautiful picture of themselves having fun with their family and friends, and then we give them the means to share that picture with others. The guests that come to the booth become the best advertisers for your company! We put your branding on the images we take, and they post them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! They share them with hundreds of people that weren't even at your event! The positive vibes ripple far and wide!

5. We generate the contact list you want for future marketing campaigns.

When each person uses our photo booth, they submit their email address so we can send them the digital images. This creates an amazing contact list that you can follow up with in future marketing efforts. Keeping in touch with your clients is a powerful way to grow your business. 


So now, you want to use One Tree Studio Booth in your upcoming marketing campaign! No more blue box! No more wasted money! It's so exciting!

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