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Trade Shows & Events

Put your brand on our booths

Your company is looking for a unique way to expand its reach. You want to generate new leads, collect information, and make a positive impact on social media. One Tree Studio Booth has an innovative solution that will make your company look amazing in the spotlight while collecting the information you want! Use our mobile photography studio for brand activations, trade shows, customer appreciation, celebrity meet-and-greets, and marketing events. See the power of our booths in action! Check out our Branded Booth services.

Corporate Headshot & Conference Services

High-Volume Professional Headshots

You've got a large group of people at your office, trade show, or convention that could all use new headshots. Our professional photography team sets up our Pro Headshot Booth conveniently at your location. Every participant receives studio-quality headshots instantly to their email or phone. You have a multi-day event? No problem! Expecting hundreds or thousands? Not to worry! We can set up multiple booths to process everyone who wants to participate!

Luxury Toronto Photo Booth Company

Social Events

First-class photo booths with pro photographers

You're planning your wedding or party and it's going to be gorgeous. You want to give your guests an incredible experience and the best party favour ever! One Tree Studio Booth helps you create spectacular moments and captures them with our first-class photo booths where your guests interact with real photographers. We serve you at weddings, holiday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, reunions - wherever you want to be treated to the greatest photo booth experience! Check out our Social Events Page!


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Bring on the Crowds!

Studio-quality and instant delivery in a VIP experience we bring to you!

Wherever we go, we tend to attract large crowds! We have refined our processes down to an exact science, so that your guests move through a carefully choreographed experience and have a great time all along the way! We have the expertise to bring you the sophisticated photographic experience you're looking for. 

The One Tree Studio Booth Difference

Your trusted team for high-volume, instant delivery photography services.

Photo booth companies are a dime a dozen offering essentially the same product. What makes One Tree Studio Booth truly unique is that we're a mobile studio and photographic experience company. Now that's a mouthful! We are first and foremost professional studio photographers who have mastered the art of bringing our studio to you, all while providing the instant delivery of prints and digitals in a true VIP experience. That's no easy task!  

Our courteous and lively team of photographers will engage your guests. We'll wrap them in the most flattering, supermodel lighting...and then the magic begins!


We can set up in true party style with amazing props for lots of laughs, or we can set up in portrait style for vanity fair portraiture, professional headshots, or the red carpet treatment. Captivate your guests with our live image slideshow! Enjoy our beautiful 4"x6" unlimited instant prints, or upgrade to include enlargements.

One Tree Studio Booth is available for Social Events, Corporate Headshots, and as a Branded Booth for your marketing events, brand activations, and trade shows.


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The One Tree Studio Booth Experience

Full-Service Mobile Photography Studio and Luxury Photo Booth

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Creative and Versatile

We are not a one-size-fits-all photo booth company. We have the skills and know-how to bring unique photographic experiences to your event. With the creativity of our amazing photographers powered by the gear of our professional mobile photography studio, the possibilities are endless!

Talented Photographers

At One Tree Studio, portraits are our specialty! Our talented and experienced photographers will capture your guests with originality and finesse - no automated photo booth could ever compare! One Tree Studio Booth brings a full-service experience to your event and makes each guest feel like a VIP!

Pro Studio Lighting and Gear

We've chosen the softest, most flattering super model lighting, Pro DSLR cameras and portrait lenses for incredible image quality. We can change out lenses for flattering portraiture, or go wide-angle for creative free-styling fun! 

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Bring on the Crowds!

Wherever we go, we tend to attract large crowds! We have refined our processes down to an exact science, so that your guests move through a carefully choreographed experience and have a great time all the way along! From our unique virtual queue to help with crowd management, all the way through our carefully choreographed experience, One Tree Studio has thought of everything to bring you the best service, every time.

Digital Image Sharing Kiosks

Our Digital Image Sharing Kiosks allow your guests to view their images and instantly text or email them right from your event. They can share them with anyone they'd like! They can also print a copy right from this kiosk. 

In our corporate Branded Booth experience, your company brand is imprinted on the digital images and it goes out all over social media as people post their photos. Create a positive ripple effect long after your event is over! Reach crowds that weren't even at your event! 

Brand the Booth

Picture people lining up to receive a beautiful branded photo, and your company logo is on it! It goes in a frame or on the fridge and all over social media. That's the corporate Branded Booth experience. Our booths are a powerful marketing tool for brand activation and raising brand awareness. Explore more features on our Corporate Page

Broadcast Booth Images

You have beautiful guests and we're taking beautiful pictures. That's why we offer our HD Televisions and personalized slideshows. When everyone can see the experience we're having in the booth, they'll come join in the action too! 

In our Branded Booth experience, we combine your company advertisements with the booth images in a custom branded slideshow to captivate your audience.

Gorgeous Backdrops

You've put hours of planning and thought into your event - and it's going to be amazing! We have carefully selected the most luxurious backdrops so that they can easily please the most discerning of tastes. From sequins and step-and-repeats to our beautiful European hand-painted canvases, it's going to look incredible!

Stunning Instant Prints

One Tree Studio Booth uses the best quality dye-sublimation printers that will have your photo ready in under 10 seconds! We want all your guests to take home a piece of the fun - that's why we offer unlimited print packages! Upgrade to 5"x7" or 8"x10" enlargements.

Custom Print Layout

Our prints feature your personalized layout with your event logo or company branding. You can choose from any of our beautiful 2"x6" strips or 4"x6" post card designs, or upgrade to 5"x7" or 8"x10" prints.! Our designers are the best around, and we are available to customize your print layout design to fit your brand or theme.

Private Online Gallery Downloads

Instead of giving you a USB that's easily lost, we put your edited, high-resolution photos in a Private Online Gallery where you can download individual images or the whole gallery at once. Access it from anywhere that you have internet. You can allow your guests to have access to this gallery as well.

Access our Online Print Shop

The Private Online Gallery is also where you can access our Online Print Shop.  You and your guests can purchase studio-quality canvases, prints, and mementoes of your favourite images and have them delivered right to your door! One Tree Studio professionally retouches every product that is purchased through our online Online Print Shop.